At Blue Wave Marketing, we believe that the foundation of a successful marketing program starts with content strategy.  Without a properly developed, clear and detailed content marketing plan and strategy, you won’t be able to develop the right kinds of content and distribution programs to deliver measurable results.

At Blue Wave, we specialize in delivering integrated content marketing strategies and campaigns to help your business get found online by the right prospects (Attract). convert more of them into leads (Convert), and transform those leads into customers (Close).

We help optimize the results of our clients’ marketing programs with:

Competitive Intelligence
Marketers today have great internal visibility, and understand their funnel, their campaigns, and their website…but most don’t understand what’s happening externally, outside the four walls of their company.  Blue Wave has solved this problem by leveraging our competitive intelligence platform which generates actionable insights from hundreds of millions of pages across millions of companies, to enable sales & marketing teams to get better results. We leverage our technology to make better, more strategically relevant content to help our clients compete much more effectively.

Who is looking after your competitors? Is your sales team prepared to act on your competitor’s weaknesses? Let us provide you with an analysis of your competitors and show you how to teach your sales team to crush them. Our team of competitive analysts will provide actionable intelligence and build effective sales battle cards so you are never blindsided in a competitive deal.

Consulting & Fractional CMO Services
We bring 20 years of proven marketing consulting expertise delivering world-class strategies and solutions for startups to midsize and Fortune 500 companies. We will help you maximize the results of your firm’s marketing and sales programs. Blue Wave Consultants are experts in the fields of integrated and content marketing strategy, with deep knowledge and experience across a range of marketing channels from traditional to digital media.

We believe that having the support and expertise of a Chief Marketing Officer can be invaluable to your business. Having the expertise of a CMO on hand to oversee the development of an effective and integrated brand, communication and marketing strategy can mean the difference in the success or failure of your business efforts. We provide Fractional CMO services for our clients in a range of industries.

Digital Marketing Strategy
At Blue Wave, we will develop your digital marketing strategy to support your strategic content marketing programs. Our digital consultancy offers digital strategy & analytics, creative development and technology services.

Blue Wave’s marketing automation partner, Mautic, delivers a range of solutions via their content marketing & distribution platform. We integrate Mautic’s platform with our clients’ websites to facilitate and manage all aspects of their content distribution and promotion, including website calls-to-action, landing pages, blogs and other digital media, as well as providing deep audience intelligence and analytics.

Content Marketing Plans
Developing your business’ content marketing plan isn’t just about a different way of doing marketing, it’s about different way of doing business as a whole throughout your entire organization. Marketing today is about creating a business experience that draws in your target audience, builds credibility and trust, and makes your customers want to do business with you. At Blue Wave, we will help you build (or, reboot) your company’s integrated content marketing plan to drive powerful results.


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