At Blue Wave, we will manage your entire content marketing program including: content promotion, scheduling, posting, and website integration to drive significant improvements in:

  • Awareness
  • Lead Generation
  • Engagement
  • Conversion

Our content marketing platform and technology is powered by Mautic, one of the most advanced marketing automation and content promotion platforms on the market today. To provide the most relevant value to the right prospects & customers at every stage of the lifecycle, a new approach is needed.

Mautic is a integrated content marketing software platform that provides your company with the greatest level of integration and deep audience intelligence, enabling you to make more meaningful customer connections.

Powerful by Design

Grow your customer base by elevating the level of communications with them. From prospecting to advocacy, we automate the communication process so that you can focus on the important stuff – being creative and growing your customers.

Intelligent Marketing

Engage your contacts and use powerful reports and dashboards to analyze activity. Let our campaign intelligence tool help you send more timely and relevant communications to further strengthen relationships with your prospects and customers.

Open Integrations

Better understand your prospects and customers by looking at all the information you have about them in one place. Integrate your marketing technology stack to get one 360 degree view of your contacts.


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