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Case Study: Analog Devices Nasdaq Ad Campaign


Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), the world leader in high performance signal processing, was interested in raising awareness of its recent move from the New York Stock Exchange to the NASDAQ, joining companies like Google, Apple, and Viacom. They wanted to promote this important move to their investors, customers and the general public in a way never done before at ADI. To do this, ADI knew that they had to think “outside of the box” and create an integrated ad campaign that would get attention among their diverse audience. Looking to attract a broader audience for this major announcement, ADI sought an agency that had the creative edge to produce a high-impact campaign that would connect with their core audience. ADI turned to a trusted partner, Blue Wave Marketing, to accomplish their goal.


Blue Wave developed a creative concept promoting analog-to-digital components that provide the foundation for the digital technology we use everyday. ADI technology provides key components found in smart phones, communications networks, energy grids, medical devices, technology manufacturing, HDTV’s, and more. It was this key insight that led us to the heart of the campaign, producing the tagline, “Taking Digital to the Next Level.” Highlighting this theme, along with the messaging: “Safer. Faster. Greener. Better. Smarter”, Blue Wave produced videos, print ads and a digital marketing campaign with the following elements:

  • Campaign Print Ads: Blue Wave produced print ads, based on the selected creative, for the Wall Street Journal and other publications.
  • Digital Ad Campaign: Blue Wave produced banner ads on and Wall Street Journal online.


The “Taking Digital to the Next Level” campaign was a big success. ADI’s public brand awareness grew, they received excellent feedback from their shareholders, and ADI’s executive team was happy with the buzz the company received after the campaign’s launch.

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