Case Study: ADP Trade Show Animated Video


ADP (Automatic Data Processing Inc.) aims to simplify an employer’s payroll procedures by streamlining the process through using their simple third party system. ADP looked to Blue Wave marketing to help boost their presence at Trade shows. ADP needed a way to stand out amongst the other companies attending the trade shows and quickly engage more potential clientele, educating them that ADP went “beyond payroll” and how they could utilize all of multiple services through a single system.


Blue Wave designed and created a motion graphics video for ADP to play at the tradeshow events that would visually depict the multiple features ADP could provide through their overall service.

Blue Wave decided the ideal way to represent this was by animating a looped video of a Swiss Army style multi tool imprinted with the ADP Logo. The multi tool would open up, revealing each individual tool as a representative of one of the many services ADP offers through their program. While the tool was opened, each blade would be highlighted individually, while simultaneously providing an informative caption describing the particular service. After each individual service was highlighted, the tool would close, and then re-open to reveal the next service.

The video would continuously loop through all the services, the tool opening and closing to represent how working with ADP, would provide access to a multitude of tools and services.

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