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How to Make Social Media Your Friend


Social media is almost a mini website for your company. It says a lot about who you are and what you stand for. Whether it is extremely popular websites such as Twitter and Facebook or more professional ones such as LinkedIn, they all still have a major impact on your business. The social media expands your customer reach beyond your company’s website. Also, you can communicate with your consumers through the different platforms.

In order to enhance your social media include keywords to help make your sites more searchable. You want people to easily stumble on to your social media just through a search. Also, make sure to include a link to your actual website in all of your different social media platforms so people can find it easily. Adding pictures and different visuals to your social media also piques the customer’s interest, which is essential to keep them coming back for more.

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How the Right Promotional Video Can Help Your Business

A 2013 survey, detailed in Forbes magazine found that 90% of online customers use online videos, more than any other content feature besides the traditional contact form. Clearly, we can gather that promotional videos are a strong marketing tool for any business. 

There are certain situations, however, when promotional videos are especially effective. Here are some specific ways promotional videos can help your business:

Increase Engagement

Videos are more personal than other types of marketing because they’re able to invoke an incredible amount of emotion. You can put a face to your business, convey your message, and tell a very specific story. 

Not only do videos increase consumer engagement, they also help build consumer confidence. In fact, a recent survey found that over 50% of users said that online videos increase the confidence they have in making a purchase. 

Dramatically Increase SEO and Page Views

Search engine optimization is critical to the success of any business, but it can be difficult to navigate. Building links, writing spectacular content, and targeting every page carefully can be a very difficult task. Luckily, developing promotional videos can help your SEO and page views in a variety of ways.

First, promotional videos are the easiest way to get onto the first page of Google. Google utilizes a search technique known as blended, which shows a variety of pages, images, and videos on its first page. It’s much easier to optimize a video to get to the front page of Google due to the dramatically lower competition.

The most important thing is that videos have much higher click through rates than text-based results. In fact, the average video will have a click-through rate that’s over 40% higher than pure text. 

Combining this with your strong SEO, and it’s easy to see why a targeted promotional video will dramatically increase your online presence.

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be this difficult!

Reach People Effectively

Promotional videos are superior to traditional media in almost every way. For example, online videos lead television ads in reach, message recall, brand recall, and likeability. 

One reason online videos are so effective is because of how tightly they can be targeted. Rather than picking a specific timeslot, channel or station, you can target ads very specifically. You can target specific websites, search terms, or even demographics. This is one of the reasons that videos are such an engaging form of promotion: because they can be targeted so finely.  … Read More

What is Smarketing All About?


Smarketing is the combination of both sales and marketing. 87 percent of the time these two different teams describe each other in a negative light. However, if they do work in harmony with one another, they could cause a 20 percent increase in annual revenue growth. There are a few different ways to get on the same team as each other. Both teams must have related goals; they should receive compensation centered on achieving each other’s goals, and they should be able to see each other’s progress.


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Email Still Works!


When most people think of email marketing, the first things that pops up in their head is “spam” and “old school”. However, little do they know it is still very effective. There are over 3.2 billion email accounts today. Not only do most online consumers have an email account, but 91% of them also check it once a day. It is still an overall great way to reach your audience because it can be very personal to your consumer and it has a long life span.

Email is beneficial for many different stages of marketing. First off, it can attract new customers. You are able to send a personalized message to people that grabs their attention and makes them want to become your customer. They allow you to build a better relationship with your leads. It is important to alter the emails so your leads become more involved with you. However, your emails don’t just have to be sending a message, they should allow your customers to send you responses as well.

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Content Marketing Through Videos


Content marketing is king. Companies should aim their focus on delivering their audience the right information in the right way. Today, most people consider videos as a great method of directing their message. By adding solid content, customers find value in the information. Overall, content marketing through videos is the right way to go.

Why videos? First off, videos engage with customers through images, voices, and much more. It is not just a simple picture advertisement that a customer glances at quickly, a video is much more enticing. They allow the content to shine through greatly. Today, there are many different ways to get your videos out there. One way is through social media platforms such as Vine and Instagram. However, creating a YouTube channel is key. YouTube receives over one billion visitors each month. The potential reach for customers is extremely large. … Read More