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Corporate Event Planning: How Your Company Can Benefit

Corporate event can be defined as a gathering that is sponsored by a business for its clients. These events can be for larger audiences, such as conventions or smaller events like meeting, conferences or parties. One of the most common names you would have heard is event planning. Event planning involves organizing and executing every single detail that goes into an event. Research shows that almost $500 billion are spent every year on planned events around the world. That’s because many corporate businesses start to outsource their meetings and planned functions.


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Integrated Event Marketing, Part 1: A Recipe for Your Event’s Success

When your company is considering producing its next larger corporate event, be sure to take an integrated approach and consider all of the elements that make an event memorable and impactful.   Many large companies spend millions of dollars each year to produce their brand’s corporate events, but they often don’t take an integrated event marketing approach.   In this brief article, I review a number of elements that your organization should consider when producing your next corporate event.  This is Part 1 of this subject, where I’ll be focusing on creative and audio-visual elements. Stay tuned for Part 2 next.

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How Promotional Products Can Boost Awareness for Your Business

Promotional products are beneficial to expanding brand awareness and attracting new customers. These products are used with promotional marketing to incite customers to take action on their buying decision. Promotional marketing can help retain customers and attract new clients to your business.  … Read More

How to Keep Your Corporate Video Production from Looking Too Corporate

You know that corporate video production is critical to your marketing efforts and business metrics, but you might not know how important it is to keep it from looking too corporate. A video that isn’t relatable enough will turn viewers off, making them less likely to click-through, subscribe, or purchase.

Just as importantly, people remember a great deal more of what they watch than what they hear or see, so if your tone is off in your videos, it’s going to stick with them. … Read More