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Why You Should Hire a Fractional CMO in 2018

The marketing department is a key part in any business. They help deliver new ideas and analyze performances to reach a successful market. The leader of the marketing department is crucial so one may bring ideas to life. This is why a Chief Marketing Officer is found in many businesses.

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How to Hold Your Viewer’s Attention with Video Marketing

Creating a perfect marketing video takes a lot of time and effort. However, even if you’re creating the best content in the industry, it doesn’t matter if nobody takes the time to watch it. You need to spend just as much time convincing your audience to stop and pay attention as you do making something worth paying attention to. … Read More

Increase Your Conversion Rates With Video Production Services

One of the biggest goals for your digital marketing campaigns should be to drive sales. After all, if your content and advertisements aren’t driving revenue at some point down the line, why bother running them in the first place?

If your company is struggling with low conversion rates, it’s time to call a video production service. Video has quickly become one of the very best drivers of conversions around. If you want to turn your website visitors into purchasing customers, video is a necessity. … Read More

4 Factors for a Strong Integrated Content Marketing Plan

An integrated content marketing campaign ensures that your content marketing aligns with the goals and strategies of your overall marketing plan, brand, and messaging. Integrated content marketing has a wide variety of benefits, like increasing your customer base and boosting your SEO.  … Read More

How Content Marketing Consulting Can Fill in The Gaps You Can’t See

It’s easy to get stuck in a content marketing rut. Most businesses don’t have the ability to analyze their own content with an unbiased eye. You’ll struggle to understand exactly why your terrific content isn’t getting the results it deserves.

Content marketing consultants are experts at getting results and analyzing data. They know what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, they’re able to look at your company and content objectively, letting you know exactly how you can improve. … Read More