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How Content Marketing Consulting Can Fill in The Gaps You Can’t See

It’s easy to get stuck in a content marketing rut. Most businesses don’t have the ability to analyze their own content with an unbiased eye. You’ll struggle to understand exactly why your terrific content isn’t getting the results it deserves.

Content marketing consultants are experts at getting results and analyzing data. They know what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, they’re able to look at your company and content objectively, letting you know exactly how you can improve. … Read More

How to Avoid the Same Beaten Path in Your Corporate Video Production

Putting out a constant stream of creative, useful video content is a tall task. You have to constantly come up with fresh ideas, write great scripts, and edit until everything is tight and high-quality. That’s why it’s so easy for many companies to fall behind and tread the same beaten path. It’s simple and safe. You can keep putting videos out at an incredible pace without breaking a sweat.

When you start relying too heavily on these clichés, it’s the death of your campaign. You’re telling your audience that you’ve run out of ideas and don’t have anything interesting left to say. The content you create ends up being generic and insincere. You’re simply blending in with the rest of your competition, throwing all of the engagement and branding benefits of video right out the window. … Read More

How a Fractional CMO Can Impact Your Business

If you’re like most smaller or medium-sized businesses, a top-notch Chief Marketing Officer is probably outside your realm of possibility. In fact, you probably won’t get as much value out of them as an enormous corporation would since there isn’t enough for them to sink their teeth into.

… Read More

Do’s and Dont’s of Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the perfect way to introduce yourself to your audience. They allow you to engage with your audience while providing important information about your products or services. With a strong enough explainer video, you can drive inbound traffic, sales, and brand awareness.

Animation is the natural compliment to an explainer video. It’s instantly engaging and interesting, demanding your audience’s attention. Using them together allows you to hook your audience and then deliver important information to them. The key is getting it right. … Read More