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Expectations You Should Have for Your Marketing Consultant

Many businesses that struggle with marketing naturally turn towards marketing consultants to find their way. Unfortunately, if you’re not an expert at marketing to begin with, it’s hard to know exactly how well your consultants are performing. To help you out, here are four completely reasonable expectations you should have for any marketing consultants you hire: … Read More

6 Ways a Fractional CMO Can Impact Your Business

If you’re like most smaller or medium-sized businesses, a top-notch Chief Marketing Officer is probably outside your realm of possibility. In fact, you probably won’t get as much value out of them as an enormous corporation would since there isn’t enough for them to sink their teeth into.

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The Benefits of a Great Video Production Company

Videos have quickly become a huge deal for business. On YouTube alone, there are over 1 billion visitors every single month. In fact, YouTube reaches more people between the ages of 18 and 34 than any television network does.

Your business can take advantage of the power of these videos by teaming up with an experienced business video production company. They’ll be able to help you develop a video strategy in line with your vision and goals.  … Read More

Content Distribution – The Tools to Drive Traffic

Once you have developed and optimized your content marketing strategy, and you’ve created a collection of “epic” content, your job as a content marketer isn’t finished. Without the right promotion and distribution, your efforts will have little effect or impact on your bottom line. From this point on, you will need to leverage an effective social media strategy and a powerful content marketing & marketing automation platform to see results.

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