Basics for Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are a new concept that businesses are using today. Many Fortune 500 companies are using them to their advantage to help drive business. It can improve conversion rates, engage with your audience, or build brand awareness. There are many ways you can use animated explainer videos for your company. Animated explainer videos aren’t complex, but it is important to become informed about the basics of it so you can use it strategically.

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a video to explain something to your audience. Usually, the videos are about your company’s product or service, and how it can benefit customers. You can also use explainer videos to communicate information, like a company introduction. The most important thing is that you keep your explainer videos short, sweet, and full of interesting information.

What Kind of Animated Videos are Popular?

There are a range of options for the types of explainer videos you can do for your business. The great thing about these videos are that they are versatile. You can use it for any idea you may have for your business. One popular use are the How-To Videos. How-To Videos simply explain how something works. It is great to share with people so they can learn how something work or how to do something. It shows that you are very knowledgeable. This is great in video form versus reading an instruction manual because you can see how it visually works. This is better for the audience to understand rather than reading a long blog post. Another form of videos are the Explainer Videos! The explainer videos are great to educate someone about your product or service that may be difficult to explain in writing. It can be used to explain information to current staff or in training sessions. They allow the viewer to retain information in a more fun and enjoyable way. Additionally, a Product Demo Video are a great need for businesses. This is great so the viewer can get a better understanding of how your product works. When the viewer sees how the product works and why they need the product, they are more likely to become a customer. Just think of all those info-mericals!


Why Do You Need an Animated Explainer Video?

There are many reasons why your company can benefit from an animated video. One great reason is it allows creativity to flow for your business. There is no structure about how to make your video and you can promote your ideas and make it a reality. With the video, you can be creative on how you want the viewer to receive the information. There can be humor, charts, or pictures in your animated explainer videos. The options are endless! Another great thing about animated videos are they will grab your viewer’s attention more. If a viewer is looking at your product or service, the video will capture their attention and it’ll be retained more. If there is simply just writing, the viewer may not take their time to understand what you are selling. Animated Videos are a great addition to your company!

It is important to understand the basics of animated explainer videos. Once you have the knowledge, you can analyze your company needs and see if you can add them to your business! Blue Wave Marketing has the experience and knowledge to bring you quality animated explainer videos. Check out our cases here.