The Top Elements in a Broad Content Marketing Strategy

To most companies, content marketing is a simple process. They create a blog, churn out one or two posts every week, and highlight them on their social media pages. This can be extremely effective, but it usually isn’t enough. To really engage a large audience, you need to create a wider variety of content.

Here are some of the top forms of content you can use to engage your audience and start creating different types of content.


Video is one of the most important types of content you can focus on. It’s extremely engaging, and works especially well for the rapidly growing mobile audience. Video content generates improved search engine optimization, email click-throughs and conversion rates. If you want to start off trying different types of content, video should be on the top of your list.


In today’s fast-moving world, infographics are a great form of content to reach your audience. They’re perfect for Facebook and Twitter feeds. They appeal visually and offer a great deal of information in a highly digestible way. Infographics are extremely easy to share, offering a reach and return on investment that other types of content can’t match.
Content marketing

Infographics are an easy way to give out a lot of information at once!

Case Studies

Case studies aren’t as popular as blog posts, but they’re much more effective. Case studies help turn your sales pitch into a story, showing your audience exactly how can provide benefits. It offers the validation of knowing that you’ve already helped one of their peers. They’re great tools for your sales force and a terrific way to drive conversions from your website.


If you want to build your authority and provide your audience a tremendous amount of value, eBooks are perfect. Simply choose a topic that your audience is especially interested in, and pour your experiences and expertise into it. You can use the eBook as an incentive to collect information and build your email list.

White Papers

If you need to start generating more leads, white papers are your best bet. They’re the perfect combination of customer education and sales. You’ll be able to take your audience through a problem, explaining in detail why your expertise and services are a great fit. They make you an instant expert and are another great way to build your email list.


Podcasts are underrated by small and mid-sized businesses, but they offer a great deal of value. Podcasts are much easier to produce than video, but just as engaging. You get the chance to showcase your personality and expertise by interacting with your audience on a weekly basis. Most of all, it’s affordable and provides a nice contrast from the rest of your content.
Content marketing

A podcast is an easy way to engage with your audience!

If you need help creating new, exciting content then it’s time to think about hiring a part-time content specialist.