Why People Love Video Tutorials

Online videos are an incredibly powerful marketing tool. They’re great for introducing products, building your brand, and entertaining your audience.

Videos are also the perfect way to educate your customers. This is why many businesses are beginning to invest heavily in tutorial videos. Below, you’ll find out why customers love tutorial videos so much, and how your business can begin creating great ones.

Why Tutorial Videos Are So Effective

People love tutorial videos for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes, they might not even know why they prefer them! Here are some of the reasons that tutorial videos are so popular.

People Learn Better From Them

People learn better when they’re able to visualize something fully. You won’t be able to help them grasp concepts fully by showing them a picture, writing a description, or telling them over the phone. The best way to get it to stick is with a video.

HP conducted a study on the effectiveness of combining visual and verbal learning (like in an online video). This is what they found. People remember:

  • 10% of what they hear.
  • 20% of what they read.
  • 80% of what they receive visually and orally.

Videos Are More Exciting

When is the last time you read an instruction manual that you wanted to share with your friends and family? Video tutorials aren’t nearly as boring. They’re much more interactive and engaging. You can even interject some of your brand’s personality, which is impossible to do with more traditional instructions.

They’re Easy to Follow

When explaining directions, there’s often a disconnect between the instructions and the explanation. If somebody gets tripped up, they’ll quickly become lost and frustrated. With video tutorials, it’s easy to pause, rewind, and follow very carefully. The video transforms an aggravating experience into a simple, rewarding one.

They’re Easily Accessible

The flexibility of online videos makes them an ideal way to provide information. If somebody is trying to demo your product in their home office, they can easily do it on their second monitor. If they have a spare second with their boss and want to show them the benefits, they can whip out their smartphone and press play.

The bottom line is that the easier your information is to access, the more people it will benefit.

Video tutorials

Clearly this person isn’t watching a video tutorial!

Tips For Building Great Ones

Of course, a video tutorial is only effective if it’s put together well. To create a great one, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Write a great script. Carefully edit and proofread it the same way you would any piece of written communication. On average, write a hundred words for each minute you’d like the video to last.
  • Keep it short and sweet. If your video is too long, your audience will lose interest quickly. A tight, well-written script should also help with this.
  • Speak to a specific audience. Just like any advertisement, your video will only be effective if it speaks to the viewer. For the best results, create different videos for specific prospects.
  • End with a call to action. Once somebody has viewed your video, the only way to get them to take the next step is by asking.
Video tutorials

The importance of writing doesn’t spring to mind
when creating a video, but it’s vital to your succ

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