Inject Creativity into Your Corporate Video with these 4 Tips

When you’re trying to make a great marketing or explainer video, you’re probably finding the hardest part is getting started. Finding that right creative spark can put a big damper on your grand corporate video plans. It might even stop you dead in your tracks, before the video campaign even gets started.

Don’t let a creative rut stop you from taking the video world by storm. Use these four handy tips to inject your corporate videos with a dose of creativity:

Basic Brainstorming Sessions

Great ideas are rarely born out of thin air. It usually takes many different ideas working together and playing off of one another until true genius is struck.

A brainstorming session is a great way to get lots and lots of ideas flowing quickly. One small spark might not be helpful at the moment, but if it’s combined with another compatible spark, it could start a huge fire.

During the brainstorming process, make sure everybody’s voice is heard and that everyone is comfortable pitching anything that comes to mind. If one or two people dominate the process, it’s not going to be a true brainstorm.

Checking Out YouTube for Ideas

If you want to write the next great American novel, you need to read plenty of fine books. If you’re looking to make a great corporate video? Watch great videos.

With billions of users and over 300 hours of unique video being uploaded every single minute, YouTube is the true video hub of the internet. Take some of your keywords and punch them into YouTube’s search engine. Watch some of the most popular videos in your selected genre- they’re popular for a reason!

Use the ideas and concepts found in these videos and merge them with your own. This will provide you with your own unique recipe for success.

Take a Step Back

Do many of your best ideas come in the shower? It’s probably no coincidence. Research shows that one of the best ways to generate great ideas is by taking a break from tackling the problem head-on.

Basically, taking a step back allows your unconscious brain to begin working on the problem, providing an incubation period for your ideas.

The same researchers suggest the best way to get your unconscious brain flowing is by performing a different mental activity. This could be something like a word or sudoku puzzle, or even just taking a jog.

The key is allowing yourself enough time to properly incubate your ideas. If your corporate video pitch has to be in by 5pm, starting at 4pm probably isn’t going to help much.

4 ways to inject creativity into your corporate video

Jogging or brainstorming? You decide!

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

There’s a strong correlation between risk-taking and creativity. This means that the further you stray out of your comfort zone, the more creative you’ll end up being.

This makes sense: if you’re stepping out of your typical comfort zone, you’re going to be forced to use new skills and face challenges you never have before.

The next time you’re creating a corporate video, make a second one that pushes the boundaries further than you’d ever imagine. Pitch both videos to the decision makers- you might be surprised at the results!

Even if the risk doesn’t pan out, you’ll have learned from it, and you’ll have brand new ideas to use when it comes time to create your next video.

4 ways to inject creativity into your corporate video

How far out of your comfort zone you want to step is up to you!

If you’ve gone through these tips and still find yourself spinning wheels, not all hope is lost! Here at Blue Wave Marketing, we have decades of experience helping businesses find creative new ways to market themselves.

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