4 Elements of a Compelling Video Tutorial

Online videos are far and away the most popular content medium among consumers. That means if you have a message to tell, video is the way to tell it.

Tutorial videos are a great way to showcase your company, service, or individual products. A strong tutorial video can build your brand, drive website traffic, improve your SEO, and even drive more revenue.

Not all video tutorials are created equal, however. To succeed, you need to build compelling video. To help you out, here are four of the main ingredients to a great tutorial video:

A Carefully Crafted Message

Your main goal with a video tutorial is to explain and connect with your audience. To best achieve this, you’ll need to carefully identify your audience. Is it brand new prospects? Regular clients? A particular niche?

Once you’ve identified your audience, you’ll be able to fine-tune your message, tone and theme. You’ll also want to make sure to focus on what makes your company or product unique. You don’t want to sound like every other tutorial video out there.
Video tutorial

The only way to build your message is by
crafting it around your audience!

A Focus on Simplicity

You want your video to be informative and entertaining, but don’t overdo it. A compelling video tutorial can be quite simple, as long as you inject a bit of your brand’s personality. Don’t try to inject too many graphics, cursors, sound effects, or anything like that. You don’t want your viewers to get distracted and become confused.

Instead, focus on a simple hook and an interesting title. This is what’s going to draw viewers in. If it’s concise and well-produced, you can hook them for the whole video after only 5-10 seconds.

A Professional Tone

Your video doesn’t have to be produced by the world’s most expensive software, but it must at least appear professional. Invest in a quality microphone and use an audio editor to reduce background noise. If you use any graphics or music, make sure it’s safe for a professional environment. Use clean, legible fonts if you’re using text.

A Length That’s Short and Sweet

There’s no exact correct length for a tutorial video. It needs to be long enough to accurately and clearly explain your product or service. You don’t want to get into too much, detail, however. Attention spans are short, and you need to leave enough questions to entice the viewer to take the next step.

Experts believe the ideal length for a video tutorial averages between 45 and 90 seconds. Depending on what you need to explain, it can be shorter or longer. Just remember to err on the side of brevity.


Video tutorial

Sometimes less is more!

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