How a Fractional CMO Can Help Your Company Right Now

As your company continues to grow, it’s important to take a look at your marketing department. You need a leader who’s able to build strategies, inspire the team, and drive results. This is why many companies look to hire a Chief Marketing Officer.

Hiring a CMO is a major investment, however, and it might not be necessary. Today, many businesses are hiring fractional, or part-time CMOs. Fractional CMOs provide your business with the same expertise as a full-time CMO, but with greater flexibility.

Here are three ways your company can benefit from hiring a fractional CMO right now:

Save Money

Bringing on a full-time qualified CMO might be too much for your company’s budget. CMO’s are industry experts, with an incredible amount of insight and experience. To prepare a competitive offer, their salary will have to reflect that.

In addition to a salary, you also need to provide full-time employees benefits. Health insurance, stock options, 401k matches, paid time off, and fringe benefits all need to be included to attract top talent. These benefits will add significant costs to an already large salary.

A fractional CMO, however, will be paid for only work performed. You won’t need to offer benefits or a bloated salary. When you need marketing work done, you’ll pay them for it. Simple and easy to fit into any budget. In fact, experts believe hiring fractional executives, such as a CMO, will result in savings of 40 to 65%.


If you want two moneybags instead of one,
a fractional CMO is the way to go!

Access to Invaluable Skillsets

When you hire a CMO, you’re hiring them for the immense value they bring to the organization. They’ll be industry experts, with insights on your competition and opportunities that you never thought of. They’ll be expert strategists, able to skillfully integrate digital marketing, social media marketing, and traditional mediums into a single campaign. They’ll be an important resource to tap into whenever you need some guidance.

The CMOs described above are ideal, but they’re a rare breed. Their value puts them in high demand. Unless you have a massive budget, you probably won’t be able to woo one into your company.

With a fractional CMO, however, you’ll be able to take a look at the best and the brightest. It’s much easier to convince an industry expert to come in for a little while each week than full-time. And the cost savings means that you’ll actually be able to afford them.

Help You Hit the Metrics That Matters

If you’re failing to hit your important marketing objectives, a fractional CMO is the perfect person to help you out. It could be that you’re simply not tracking them properly. You could be taking a look at the wrong objectives altogether. Or maybe something is simply holding your marketing efforts back from success.

A skilled CMO will be able to take a look at your metrics and figure out what the issue is. They’ll help you build a marketing strategy with your end goals in mind. You’ll be able to easily measure and interpret results, making it easy to continually improve in the future.


If you want your metrics to go off the charts,
you need a fractional CMO!

If you’re looking to hiring a fractional CMO, consider Blue Wave Marketing. You’ll have access to more than just a single expert – you’ll have access to an entire team of them! We have over 20 years of marketing experience, with expertise in every industry and marketing channel you can imagine. Contact us by visiting us at our website or calling us at 617-576-3100.