Promotional Items Suited for the Fall Season

As summer has quickly faded into fall and the once green grass is now covered in a assortment of colorful leaves you may be thinking that your company’s promotional items that were suited for the warmer seasons are now out of season and you have nothing to give out in the fall to promote your company and its brand. Just as your ice coffee switches to pumpkin spice lattes or your beer turns from seasonal summer ales to fall seasonal beers, promotional items are no different and need to be season conscientious or else it can have a negative impact or your company image, by making you look out of touch, cheap and could confuse the recipient and take away from the ultimate goal of giving out promotional items.

Before we go into some fall promotional item tips. Lets quickly review the benefits of what a promotional item can bring your company.

  1.  Increase your brand recognition. The goal of any business big or small is how to make your brand standout from the crowd and stay on top of the consumers mind. Promotional items that are able to be used in consumers everyday life is one way to keep your business on the top of their mind
  2. Best bang for your buck. Promotional items offer a relatively cheap way of having a large and lasting impact on consumers. If you choose the right promotional item you are able to make a strong impact for a low investment.   
  3. Improve image and perception. Believe it or not giving people gifts goes a long way in a persons mind. Who doesn’t love a free gift? Especially if can benefit them. Giving away promotional items is a great way to create a connection with people and increase your brands perception among consumers.

        So with that here are some fall promotional items that go great with the fall season:

  •  Travel Mugs: As ice coffee quickly goes out of season, people always need a good mug to drink their coffee on the go. A travel mug can be a great promotional item that the consumer will use everyday.
  •  Long sleeve shirts: T-shirts never go out of season because many times people use t-shirts they receive as promotional giveaways as gym shirts or bed shirts.  Having a long sleeve shirt however gives consumers a reason to add your long sleeve shirt to their wardrobe because it’s perfectly suited to protect them from the fall elements.
  • School related items: Fall season means football season but it also means school is back in session.  Depending on your target audience, school related items could be a great way to give your audience items that can be used everyday in the classroom.
  • Lunch box: As every family knows having a good lunchbox is essential to making the school year run smoothly, especially with younger kids. Giving away a lunch box that moms and dads can count on is great way to win brownie points in the eyes of parents.
  • Sandwich holder: Many parents rely on those clear plastic sandwich bags to get their kids lunch to school but often times the sandwich becomes smooched and kids go without a lunch. Give parents that reassurance that their kids sandwich will make it to school while also knowing that the parents as well as the kids will be looking at your logo every time they go to devour that sandwich.Image result for sandwich holder
  • Backpacks: Every kid and even some adults need a good reliable backpack that they can bring to school or carry around their personal items in. By giving away a backpack your ensuring that a lot of people will be exposed to your company name or logo just by being behind your traveling backpack.
  • Beanie Hat: A good beanie or hat is essential to surviving those cold fall days. Giving away a warm beanie you can almost guarantee that your name and logo will be exposed to a multitude of people.
  • Folding Chair: With the fall season upon us, soccer and football games are in full swing. From youth all the way up to some college leagues parents always need a place to sit and watch their kids play. Give them a portable fold up chair with your name or logo on it and you can ensure that your company’s image will get lots of exposure.
  • Blanket: Who doesn’t love a warm and cozy blanket? Whether it’s used in a home or on those fall hayrides or at sports games. Blankets are always loved and you can be insured that it will get plenty of use.
  • Soft footballs: To many Americans fall means football season. So why not join the crowd and give away small soft footballs. Whether there in an office and act as a stress ball or their used in the backyard, just about everybody will enjoy a football with your name or logo on it.

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