Animated or live action video? How to choose the right video format too successfully get your message across.

So you’ve decided that you want to make a video in order to promote your company or product. That’s a great decision because all though video may have killed the radio star in the past, in today’s day and age video marketing is on the rise and rightfully so. A marketing video can effectively grab your target audience’s attention and engage them to listen or learn about your product or services. In todays digital age it’s no secret that people’s lives revolve around their phones, tablets and computers and this technological craze is here to stay. It’s actually been proven that people retain information better when they watch and listen to someone explain something rather than just reading instructions. In a society where information is literally everywhere a video offers a natural and engaging way to reach consumers and give them information that can be easily digested. That’s why incorporating a video marketing plan into your company’s marketing strategy is essential for the future.

So now that we know video content is effective, the question then becomes what kind of video is right for my message? There are two options for this question either animated or real time video; here are three things to keep in mind when deciding formatting for your video.

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The first thing that should be considered like any and all marketing plans is who your target audience is. Who is going to be watching this video and what is going to connect and resonate with them the most. If your audience is going to be kids or parents then maybe an animated video is the right direction because it can bring fun and excitement to your message. Animated video in general is known to be more effective when it comes to educational and informative story telling.

Animated video is obviously not reality. This is in fact a positive for choosing animated video because it allows your story to be as abstract and as exaggerate as you want because the audience isn’t expecting reality.   If you’re trying to sell an abstract product or service, then animation video might allow you convey this concept easier to the audience.

A live action video might be the right direction if you’re trying to sell a physical product or a service because a live action video allows your audience to see the actual product while also being able to see an actual face that they can connect with This may also create some sort of emotional response.

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One thing to consider especially if you’re a startup business and your product or service is still changing and evolving is the ability for an animated video to change after you’ve produced the final product. Animated videos are able to be edited and changed by a single person. A live action video would require booking more talent and a crew to come and re-shoot which can obviously be pricey. With animated video on the other hand you are able to let’s say add in a voice over or switch out a screen shot with relative ease. So if you have a product or service that it is going to change or alter with a few weeks or months it may make sense to choose an animated video. This way you can edit your original video to fit with the changes of your product or service.

Many startups aim to provide a solution to a complicated problem that might be hard to show or explain in a live video. Animation video is great for this problem because you are able to control and create at your own pace.

 Cost and Time.

Like any major decision in business cost is a major factor. Animated videos generally tend to cost less then a live action video but can also take more time to produce. This is because for a live action video you have to take in the following: paying actors, paying for a shoot location possibly having to pay for reshoots. There are more risks and delays that can potentially happen with a live video shoot then there are with animated videos. Animated videos are easier to modify and change based upon your needs. In contrast to this a live video generally takesless time to produce then an animated video does.

Animated videos seem tricky, but they’re easy implement for any business. If you need some help planning and creating them, however, make sure to reach out to us here at Blue Wave Marketing. We have over 20 years of marketing experience, along with plenty of expertise at planning and creating animated videos. With our help, you’ll be churning out incredible animated videos in no time!

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