4 Traits That All Strong Demo Videos Have In Common

A strong demo video is a great way to introduce your product or company. Videos are able to convey a message much better than plain text, and have even been proven to do things like increase conversion rates, lower a company’s cost per lead, and increase search engine optimization.

A perfect demo video is hard to pinpoint, since it varies a great deal with the company and target audience. In our experience, however, most successful demo videos share many similar traits. Here’s some of the most important ones:

Simple Message
Especially on the Internet, people have an incredibly short attention span. If your message is too long, there’s a chance they’ll simply click out of it or start to mentally wander away.

At the same time, if your message is too confusing, they may not remember it. Even worse, they may remember it incorrectly. People are continuing to subscribe and watch more videos every day, so it’s important that they remember yours. Keeping it short and sweet is the best way to make sure that they do.


If your viewers look like this, you’re doing it wrong!

Your video is going to be a direct reflection of your company. In many instances, it could be the first interaction a person has with your company or new product! This means that you can’t skimp on quality.

Poor audio or choppy visuals will distract viewers and leave them wondering how legitimate your company is. A polished, well-produced video will leave them with a much more positive opinion.

The same can be said of the actual script. Unless you’re specifically going for humor (which is doable, but difficult to nail), you want to maintain a professional, authoritative tone. Maintaining an air of authority will ingrain into your viewers that you’re an expert who can be trusted with their business.

Focus on Benefits
Nobody cares about the technical features of your product. They care about what it means to them. When purchasing a computer, you don’t really care about what type of processor it has, you just care about if it runs faster than the other computers you’re looking at.

The same idea goes for your audience. In your demo video, focus on the benefits will have a great effect on the users. You can provide all the technical jargon on a handy sheet.

Own It
Remember that your video is a direct reflection of your company. Once you decide on the message you’re conveying with your demo video, make sure it penetrates every aspect of it. If your demo is going for a lighter tone, keep it consistent. Nothing jars a viewer more than a sudden change in tone or message.

If you decide to pull your punches, it will show a lack of confidence. Since your video is introducing a product, you need to assert as much confidence as possible.


See how jarring inconsistency is?

Creating the perfect demo video can be crucial to your success. By making sure it conveys a simple message, exudes professionalism, focuses on benefits, and is consistent, you’ll give it the best chance possible to be a success.

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