Follow These 5 Steps for a Killer Integrated Marketing Campaign

Markets today move quickly. Social media, event marketing, email and content are all growing channels of marketing communications. Traditional channels like print advertising and direct mailing aren’t dying anytime soon. A successful marketing campaign has to strategize and account for all of these mediums.

This is what integrated marketing is all about. Closely weaving all your marketing efforts into a single, tight strategy. Actually integrating your marketing is no small feat, though. To help you out, here are the five ingredients every killer marketing campaign has to include:

Consistent Message & Look

The point of an integrated marketing campaign is to drive your message across multiple channels, so your top priority is maintaining consistency. It takes multiple impressions for something to sink in, so deliver the same message via every channel. Ensure that the look of all your materials is consistent. Use the same exact logo, colors, fonts, and graphical style. The more consistent it is, the better it’s going to stick.

Clear Focus On Your Target Audience

A consistent message is only valuable if you actually have something important to say. You need to know exactly who your marketing campaign is trying to reach. Break down your target audience and focus on three key things:

  • What motivates them to purchase?
  • What communication methods do they prefer?
  • What are they talking about?

From there, you’ll be able to develop a strong message that’s going to resonate with your target audience.


Marketing campaign

If your audience is this captivated, you’re doing something right!

Going Beyond Outward Marketing

If you really want to create a uniform experience for your audience, you need to make sure everything customer-facing reflects your tweaked brand and message. This includes things like your website, your social media pages, and even the customer service team.

A good way to make sure your new strategy is integrated throughout the organization is beginning to include it within your internal training materials.

Compelling Content

If content isn’t at the center of your new campaign, it at least needs to be co-star. In an increasingly digital world, content is driving more and more marketing success every year. To make sure your content is effective, it needs to be timely, relevant, and valuable. What consumers want more than anything is to develop a connection with their brands. Providing them value is the quickest way to do so.


Like any successful marketing campaign, you need to constantly listening. Your consumers will tell you when your message is sticking and when it isn’t. Carefully track which campaigns are generating value, and which ones are falling flat. Monitor your social media platforms and give your audience the chance to tell you with their words as well.


Marketing campaign

You don’t need to overdo the adaptability, though!

Need a Little Help? Blue Wave is Here For You!

One of the best ways to quickly implement an integrated marketing campaign is with a little help. Blue Wave Marketing has over 20 years of experience with every marketing channel you could imagine: promotional marketing, digital marketing, corporate events, and much more. We’ll help you every step of the way, from planning and strategizing to implementation.

If you’re interested in some help with your integrated marketing campaign, reach out to us today! You can contact us by visiting us at our website or calling us at 617-576-3100.