Why Integrating Content Marketing Is a Must

Content marketing is a growing marketing strategy that many companies are utilizing. In 2014, about 90% of marketers reported they used content marketing.  Integrating content marketing is a great way to deliver a consistent message about your company on numerous channels.  In addition, it encourages engagement and involvement among your audience and community.



Increase SEO and ROI

Integrating content marketing through systems integration can help increase your website’s visibility through integrating relative links from external publications and websites.  Additionally, sharing the right type of content and promoting it the right audience will help increase your SEO and ROI.


Distribute quick and consistent information

Today, consumers are mostly searching for information on the Web and want to receive information as quickly as possible.  Knowing that, marketers are changing the ways they market to consumers. Using a digital infogrpahic to emphasize the important content to your audience is an effective approach.


Create an effective digital presence

Many companies are taking advantage of digital integrated marketing. In order to effectively integrate your marketing, it requires you to unify your marketing efforts across various media channels while consistently keeping your media updated and relevant to your audience. A business website is important with online presence.  People can access your website all the time with the advantage of mobility. Integrating relevant content links to your website helps increase brand awareness.


Establishes relationships

Sharing your content on social media networks is critical.  Content on social media help generating conversations, engagement, and builds relationships.  Using different components of social media that help diversify your communication methods is important.  Before sharing your content on social media it will be beneficial to create a social media plan. This can ensure that you are using your social media networks effectively.



Content marketing is crucial when conveying your brand message.  Working with a digital marketing service is a great way to ensure you are producing quality and effective content and distributing the content in the right manner.


Here at Blue Wave Marketing we have over 20 years of digital marketing experience. We deliver fully integrated marketing strategies to our clients.  Some of our specialties include developing a content strategy, content marketing, website and apps. If you believe that Blue Wave Marketing is the perfect digital marketing partner for you, we’d be happy to arrange a consultation with you.  For more information, call us at 617-576-3100.