How To Use Animated Explainer Videos To Improve Your Business

Animated Explainer Videos are becoming a popular strategy for businesses to use. The options and usage of animated explainer videos are endless and it can truly be used for anything. Remember the purpose of the videos are to explain something! Perhaps it’s your product or service or maybe you want to explain a company culture. Read how animated explainer videos can improve your business.


Creating an animated explainer video is a unique process as it is not a typical corporate style video. The animated style of video production actually comes with a lot of benefits. With these benefits, it may help improve your businesses needs and be the best overall choice for it. If your company has financial issues, then an animated explainer video can help your business achieve a video without a heavy price. Because it is not a typical live-action video, there is no need to worry about expenses for actors, props, or locations. The animated video is all created digitally and requires less workers for the project. With less workers, your company can save money and time while still getting a desired video.



Another way your company can improve through an animated explainer video, is your ranking through professionalism. If your business is just starting up, you may not have the tools or budget to create a fancy video. Your dream video may include the CEO out and about at client meetings or showing off a relaxed company culture, but these videos may show off how low-quality it is. With people constantly watching Youtube and other videos, many are aquainted with a well edited video using a nice HD quality camera. They would be able to pin point how poor your video could be. But with an animated explainer video, it doesn’t show off the low quality. Instead it will make it look professional and well done. This can help your company reach more clients or sales as people may take your work more seriously with a well done video.




Animated videos for the public is a great way to share your company’s news, products, or services. It can increase consumer engagement as a video is more personable rather than a written blog post. Even if it is animated, it can help share a story. People are more likely to remember that story and work with your company. In fact, it is shown that videos help build consumer confidence. About over 50% of people said in a survey that online videos actually increase their confidence in making a purchase. An animated explainer video can help drive sales and retain customers.





Additionally, animated explainer videos can help your business generate traffic and increase the SEO and page views. If the video is produced and made for online content, it can help put your company on the map. First of all, videos have a much higher click through rate than text-based content by over 40%. With more people clicking your animated video, it will bring more people to your business. They may be curious enough to check out your website to see everything that you offer and continue to make a purchase or deal. Overall, it will increase your online presence so more people can find your business.



It is important to understand the benefits of animated explainer videos. Once you have the knowledge, you can analyze your company needs and see if you can add them to your business! Blue Wave Marketing has the experience and knowledge to bring you quality animated explainer videos. Check out our cases here.