3 Common Myths About Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos are becoming a new marketing trend. With everything going digital, videos are a great form of advertising. Effective explainer videos are able to introduce your product or services in a strategic way. Even if the topic is complex, it’s able to break it down so people can easily understand it. They are a great and simple way to help reach customers so they can understand your business. But some people are hesitant to jump on board with this method. Fear not, here are 3 common myths about animated explainer videos that are simply not true.

Animated Videos Should Be Long and Detailed

False! Videos should actually be short and sweet! The reason being is you want the audience member to understand what your product or service is in a short amount of time. It shouldn’t take 15 minutes to explain the concept. Also, people don’t have a long attention span. If it’s too long, then they will tune out and not even finish watching the entire video. The whole goal is for them to see it all! It definitely isn’t effective if no one is watching it completely. According to a survey, the average 30-second video is viewed completely by 85% of the audience, whereas the average 2-minute video is viewed through the end by only 50% of the audience. Yikes! That being said it is recommended that the animated explainer video be about 90 seconds long. This way you’ll still have your viewers attention, but they won’t be dozing off into La-La Land.



Save Money By Writing Your Own Script

Wrong! As tempting as it may seem to write your own script to save money when making your animated explainer video, it may not at the end. It may seem like creating a script isn’t that hard because it’s just writing, right?! You’ve been doing that since you were in school! But trust us, leave it to the professionals. In the short term, you may save some money on the project, but in the long term it could lead you to losing some profits. If your script isn’t good, then your return on investment will be even worse. If you trust a professional, they will know what words and phrases are the most effective for your business. They can cater towards your needs and make sure it leaves the viewer with a great impression. Take advantage of these skilled writers!

There Is No Interest in Animated Explainer Videos

Incorrect! Animated Explainer Videos are the future of marketing! These days, no one has time to sit and read to figure out something. An animated explainer video will teach them what they need to know in 90 seconds or less. According to an article, there are 100 million Internet users who watch online videos every day, Also, 90% of online shoppers said that they found videos to be useful when making their purchases. As you can see, videos are super beneficial! The great thing about animated explainer videos is that you can really do anything with them. You can be creative and make instructional videos or corporate videos. It’s very flexible and it’s here to stay! Predictions for 2017 is that video content will make up almost 70% of online traffic. Better jump on the bandwagon now!

It is important to understand the basics of animated explainer videos. Once you have the knowledge, you can analyze your company needs and see if you can add them to your business! Blue Wave Marketing has the experience and knowledge to bring you quality animated explainer videos.