How to Connect with Customers using Video Production Service

The key to a successful business is to have brand awareness and great sales. This can be done with some help of the marketing department. Marketing is a key strategy to connect with customers and have them become loyal consumers. But it is important to know how to connect with them. It’s not easy and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. But with time and consistency, your company can build a loyal consumer base. One strategy is to use video production. Video production services are a great way to provide visual content and grab customers’ attention. Keep reading to learn how to connect with customers using video production.


It is important to know who your target market is. If you can’t identify them and who they are, then your video may not be as successful as you want it to be. The importance of understanding whom your target market is crucial. You can learn things such as their demographic, geography, hobbies, and more. When the target market can resonate to your video, the more likely you’ll gain a following. Once you have have the right audience, your videos can get more clicks! Videos are viewed and shared so often, grabbing one specific audience can lead to more viewers down the line.


Keep it short

The shorter the corporate video production, the more likely viewers will be engaged for the entire video.  People are super busy and don’t have time to watch a 15 minute video. They also don’t have the attention span to watch it either. Your video is competing with social media and fast reports whether on TV or the computer, so you need to make your point as quickly as you can. Today, many people use videos to get information about a topic easily and quickly. Therefore, keeping your video concise is important.


When someone goes to a video they are expecting to see plenty of visual aids. So, if your company has a product or service that needs to be explained, a great way to show it is through demonstration. Instead of someone reading how to do it, they can see it visually to really comprehend it. This will bring in the biggest return as your customer will thoroughly understand what you are trying to explain.


As stated earlier, keeping your video as short as possible and getting to the point is a key strategy. This will help make your video more efficient than the other guy’s whose video is 10 minutes long. Another key element in making an efficient video is to have little technical errors. For example, it’s important to make sure that the videos will load immediately. Having a delay in a video will decline the viewers attention and increase the chance of them checking out. Studies have shown that almost half of users will bail on a video if it doesn’t load within 10 seconds. Almost 6% of users leave a website for every two seconds a video fails to load.


Quality is Key

With the growing technology, cameras are getting better and better. This means that people are getting acquainted to what is good and bad quality. You can see it throughout history. It started from black and white, to color, to now with high definition. If something isn’t high definition, then people will realize it and categorize it as low quality. But when you create a video that is high quality, people are more likely to view it favorably. In their mind, it says that you went above and beyond and you care about the quality you want people to see. Essentially, that you care about your business. Creating videos for your company is a great way to build your brand, boost engagement, and strengthen your marketing campaigns. Working with video production services can help you create high quality videos that will engage your audiences’ interest and attention.


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