3 Misconceptions about Video Production Service

Video marketing is becoming a big trend in the marketing world. Many businesses are using videos to help with their advertisement or to explain the company culture. Even the use of video marketing on social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Even though video production is becoming a big topic of interest, there are still some misconceptions on it.



You Have To Sound Professional At All Times

Some businesses like to have videos that promote or explain how the company does something. Even though you are in a business environment, there is no need to have a dry and dull personality on camera. It is important to speak clearly and know what your lines are, but you don’t want it to sound too forced or not genuine. The more relaxed the video and team are on camera, the better it will be for your business. People like to feel like they are listening to a friend talking to them and that is what will capture their attention. The more awareness that your business receives, the better relationship you’ll have with your viewer.



All Your Information Needs To Be Said In One Video

Viewers have the attention span of a goldfish. The new norm for video content is about 60-90 seconds long. Anything longer and your viewer may stop paying attention. Of course there are exceptions, for example, if you have valuable content that you need to share in a longer video, but ultimately making it short and sweet is the best option. It is better to have 5 short and quick videos than producing a 20 minute long video. All your information can be broken up and not said all at once. The shorter the video the more your viewer will pay attention!

Audio Isn’t Important

As important as visuals are to your marketing campaign, the audio is just as important. Someone can sit and watch the video, but may not know exactly what is going on. The audio can help explain to someone the concept that you are trying to portray. Other than the importance of how audio can explain things, the music or voices can create an ambiance. If the person has a strong and powerful voice, then someone may think the video is very serious. But if there is someone who is young and energetic, then the viewer may portray the video as fun and interesting. The background noise or music can also play a key part in the mood of the video. When it comes to the video production service, the visual of the video is not the only important part to consider.


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