What You Need To Know About Marketing in 2016

Marketing is constantly changing. One method that worked 10 years ago may not be the best method today. With technology growing at a fast pace, marketers are trying to adjust and make the most of their marketing campaign. It is important to adapt to the current times and figure out a strategy that will benefit your company. These are some marketing trends that you need to know about that are defining 2016.


Videos are Key

According to Forbes, video use is exploding. If your company is trying to connect with the millennial generation, then this is the strategy for you. They prefer to watch their form of entertainment or education through videos rather than through the TV. This means if you are advertising online through the use of a video, you may see a positive correlation with your sales and brand awareness. Videos can be used in any creative way to help your business. The options are endless. If you are wanting to advertise or show “how to” videos, then this is the time to do it.


Content, Content, Content

Just when you think you have enough content, think again. Content is still a key part in the marketing world and it will help your business. If your company has a good strategy, there will be a positive return on investment with your content marketing. It is important to know what platform is the most important and helpful to your company and capitalize on it.  Consistency and authenticity of great content marketing will continue to help your business. There is no rest for content in 2016!



Speaking of content marketing, scheduling marketing content is becoming popular in 2016. In fact, marketing automation is worth about $5.5 billion. Essentially, scheduling allows for easier posting and tracking on content. A huge advantage of scheduling is that it allows you to create a post and post it, but not necessarily in real-time. It makes it easy for people to create content that are not near a computer on a certain day and time, but still have something to post because it was scheduled. Your business can always have something that is constantly being posted if it is scheduled and ready.

2016 is experiencing a lot of change in key marketing strategies. It is important to know what is trending and how to apply it to your business. You always want to stay ahead of the curve and reap in the benefits that these trends can bring to your company.

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