Why We Love Fractional CMO (And You Should, Too!)

The marketing department is a key part in any business. They help deliver new ideas and analyze performances to reach a successful market. The leader of the marketing department is crucial so one may bring ideas to life. This is why a Chief Marketing Officer is found in many businesses.

But hiring a full-time CMO can be a costly investment. There are a lot of logistics to figure out when hiring a full-time CMO. It actually may be something your business doesn’t need. Perhaps, a fractional CMO may be your answer. You can still reap in the benefits of having a marketing leader, but without the complete investment.

Here are three reasons why we love Fractional CMOs.

Cut Down Costs


When hiring a fractional CMO versus a full-time CMO, you’ll be sure to save money. If your company is struggling to find a way to hire a marketing executive with a tight budget, then a fractional CMO is perfect for you. A fractional CMO will not be paid through an expensive salary along with benefits such as health insurance or 401k matches. Instead you will only have to pay them for the work that they have done. If your business has a project you would like your fractional CMO to work on, then they will be paid for that project. It can result in a 40-65% savings!



New, Fresh Ideas

Hiring a fractional CMO can be great for the company because you can have someone bring a new perspective. If your company has been struggling in the marketing department and you need someone with experience and expertise, then a fractional CMO is great for you. They understand what you need and what results you want. They are willing to work with you to make sure your business is well marketed. With their strong knowledge in the marketing world, they have an extensive list of contacts that can help you achieve your goal. No need to feel stuck when a fractional CMO can revamp your business!


Specific Job, Specific Results

As mentioned before if your company wants to hire a fractional CMO, then you will only have to pay them for their work. This is great for cases when you have specific projects that you would like a professional marketer to work on. They can listen to what you want to do whether its working on a product or service and deliver results. Remember to look out for someone who promises to have a measurable and actionable plan. It is no good to hire someone who says yes to everything but comes up short in the end. You want to make sure your fractional CMO gets the job done and has a plan to do so.


f you’re looking for a part-time CMO, make sure to consider us here at Blue Wave Marketing. We can fit into any budget, and our team has experts has expertise with every marketing channel possible. We work with you to make sure that our plans match your culture, vision, and brand.