Animated Videos Paving the Future for Businesses

Video marketing is playing a key role in the marketing world. It provides numerous benefits, as it is a great visual for potential clients and viewers. It informs and keeps viewers interested enough to watch the whole video. There is a greater chance for your business to make a relationship with a potential client. In today’s society, there is so much information that is going on that it can be difficult to pay attention to these advertisements. But animated video explainer videos can be a great option to grab your viewers’ attention and have them work with you.


First Impressions are Important

We all know that you only have one time to make a great first impression. That is true for companies. When advertising who you are or what product you are selling, the first thing that viewers will see will make a huge impact.

Videos are more memorable than text, which is why many companies are willing to invest money into these forms of advertisements. If your product or company has a complex idea, an explainer video can break it down for people and have them remember what it is that you do. It can also be used as an introduction and used for people to know who you are as a company. It is a great way to get your message across and it can be your entrance into your industry.


Return on Investments

The benefits of animated explainer videos are great. Not only will people understand who your company is and have an easier time remembering you, but you can also gain revenue. According to studies, explainer videos increase conversion rates up to 20%. When your video is easily accessible and has great content, then there is a higher chance that people will want to work with you or buy your product.


Future Predictions

Most people today are talking about how the future of marketing is all in online video content. Even Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, had announced that Facebook is working on doubling its video marketing efforts. According to this study, 81% of American marketers are using online videos in their online campaigns and 73% plan to increase their video marketing budget this year. By 2018, marketers have predicted that nearly 90% of the world’s Internet traffic will be in the form of video. Also 68% of mobile traffic worldwide will be an online video.



With marketers predicting that video marketing will be a huge part of the future, it is important to get a start now. Blue Wave Marketing has the experience and knowledge to bring you quality animated explainer videos. Check out our cases here.