4 Reasons to Hire a Fractional Content Marketing Officer in 2016

If your business struggled through 2015, you need a shot in the arm if you want to succeed in 2016. That means revamping your marketing and finding a way to really connect with your audience.

There’s no better way to do this over the next year than by focusing on content marketing. Content marketing attracts your target audience naturally by engaging them and providing value. You’ll boost your brand, improve your SEO, and start generating more conversions than ever.

If you’re no expert in content, success is only one simple step away – hiring a Fractional Content Marketing Officer. Below, you’ll find the four most important reasons you need a Fractional Content Marketing Officer in 2016:


Strategy Development

Most companies try to start off by figuring out what content they can create, but this is completely backwards. The first reason you need a Fractional Content Marketing Officer is because you don’t know what you want your content to do.

Creating great content isn’t as simple as having a brilliant idea, cobbling it together, and putting it on your blog. It needs to be strategic. Content is only useful if it’s providing your audience value. That means you need to build every single piece around a very specific audience with a very specific goal in mind.
Content marketing

Your content needs to focus on one specific audience or you won’t reach anybody at all!


Organized Publishing

Well-written, valuable content won’t produce any results if nobody can find it. Your Fractional Content Marketing Officer knows exactly when and where to publish content for maximum results. Managing multiple social media platforms, newsletter lists, and publishing schedules is no small task. Outsourcing it ensures that you spend your time on more valuable tasks, like figuring out exactly what your audience cares about.


Valuable Content

Even if everything is strategized and published in a sensible way, content still falls flat if it isn’t engaging. Simply being a good writer isn’t enough to ensure that your content will be successful. Writing content is an art-form that differs greatly from writing business copy or college papers. You have to learn how to take advantage of white space, naturally use keywords, and tailor your content for a very specific audience.

Your best bet is learning from an expert. They’ll be able to show you exactly how to create great blog posts, video scripts, eBooks, and more. You’ll learn more tips and tricks about content than you ever knew existed.
Content marketing

A Fractional Content Marketing Officer will leave your audience feeling like your content is gold!


Finding Opportunities

It’s hard to look at your decisions objectively. You made them because you thought they were best for businesses, after all. Sometimes you just need an outside eye to help you figure out where improvements can be made.

Your Fractional Content Marketing Officer will be able to help you figure out what matters to your audience, how you can provide value to them, and what opportunities your competition is missing. Sometimes this outside perspective is the only thing keeping you from finding your niche and dominating it.