The Power of a Testimonial in Video Marketing

Common objectives of standalone videos or those integrated into content are to convey your brand image and to appeal to the emotions of your audience. Few elements in video marketing help achieve these critical objectives better than the power of a positive experience as shared by a client or business representative.


Basics of Video Testimonials

Testimonials have long been used to support marketing or brand claims in advertising. In traditional print and contemporary digital formats, target prospects read statements presented by satisfied customers.

Video testimonials enhance the strength of a customer endorsement by incorporating live-action narrative with human movement, nonverbal gestures and genuine emotion. These factors enable the messenger to literally speak to the interests of the audience and the benefits offered by your solution.


Video Testimonial Message Examples

Formats for video testimonials are wide open. In general, you want to have a satisfied client presenting a compelling experience that gets prospects excited.

Here are some examples of strategies that might work for you:

  • Customer outlining how your solution solved a particular problem
  • Narrative story describing your company or a representative going above and beyond
  • A tear-jerker story about an overwhelming customer experience

Video marketing

Market research is helpful in figuring out the
types of messages that will resonate in your videos.


Delivery Methods

As with other video types, you can present your testimonial in a standalone format or in content. Many marketers post videos on YouTube in the hopes of driving traffic. Some studies indicate that among social media, post-click engagement with your website or blog content is highest when people come from YouTube. An impressive testimonial strengthens the emotional appeals that contribute to such interest in your content.

You can also integrate your video in your content, share it on other social media, or present it at events, such as industry trade shows. Placing a video testimonial on a page promoting your solution is similar to a customer endorsing your solution in a television commercial.
Video marketing

Knowing intended uses of a video testimonial is
valuable when developing a production plan and message strategy.


Impact on Overall Branding

Enhancing the impact of video testimonials is the reality that you can connect the characters, messages and catch phrases included in them to other brand messages. Some companies put taglines from videos on print ads or banners at events.

Inc. also noted recently that video testimonials, when well-done, significantly boost sales conversions and registrations.


Finding the Right Person

The overall value of a testimonial is driven by the quality of your spokesperson. Salesforce suggests identifying clients who consistently report strong, positive sentiment toward your business. Contact them and explore their interests in participating in a video recording. Having a specific plan for the interview helps draw out the message you seek.



Video testimonials play on the nature of humans to trust a peer more than an employed advocate of a brand. The more emotionally charged the story delivered by your clients in a message, the greater the potential benefits to your company or to the advertisers you represent. Video messages give you a lot of placement flexibility and drive strong engagement.

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