4 Tips for Creating a Great Demo Video

Of all the tools in your marketing belt, demo videos are one of the most important. When created and placed properly, they can do things like boosting your conversion rates, increase audience engagement, build your brand, and even start bringing in leads by themselves.

If you’re having trouble building great demo videos, here are four important tips to follow:


Staying Authentic

One of the most important factors of video marketing is authenticity. Exaggerating features and benefits, or spending time talking about things that aren’t really relevant will quickly turn your audience away. Focusing a transparent light on your products creates an air of quality and reliability. If you aren’t afraid to be honest and open about your products and services, it means that you must have reason to be excited about them.

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Forget About Features

The worst thing you can do in a product demo is focus on features. The truth is that your audience doesn’t care about what your products or services do, they only care about what they can do for them. Only focus on one or two features instead of rambling off a huge list. Quickly take the discussion to the benefits these features afford, showing exactly how you can save them time, money, or stress.
Demo video

Your clients want to know if you can put money back into their pocket, they don’t especially care why!


Messaging Precisely

A demo video is right at home on a product page, where it can convert as many potential customers as possible. The problem is that you only have a minute or two to grab your audience’s attention. This means that your messaging needs to be tight and targeted – overloading your audience with information is just as bad as not providing enough of it. Whittle it down to the one or two most important messages your audience cares about, and drive them home as succinctly as you can.


Spend Lots of Time Writing a Script

Making a demo video seems simple enough: just pick a couple features to accentuate and talk to your audience about them. A script barely seems necessary.

If you want your video to have good consistency and pace, however, a great script is a must. You need to open with a bang, cut out unnecessary information and include a solid call to action at the end. Without a script, it’ll be too easy to overlook something and end up sinking your video.
Demo video

Digging in and writing a script might not be exciting, but it’s the best way to make your video a success!

Creating a great demo video takes time and expertise. If you’re looking for some additional help to make sure that yours are successful, make sure to reach out to us here at Blue Wave Marketing. We have over 20 years of marketing experience so we can help you plan, target, and message your demo videos. After that has completed, we’ll be there to help script, produce, edit, and distribute your video.

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