The Pros of Using Animated Video

Now more then ever companies are incorporating animated videos in their digital marketing strategy. While animated videos once were thought of as an expensive production, now with improved technology it is becoming increasingly less expensive and more common. By now it is no secret that online video is an important part of your marketing strategy. In fact studies have shown that video greatly increases the chances of a consumer purchasing your product after they have watched a product video. Animated video uses a mixture of pictures, texts, motion and sound effects to convey a message in a creative and fun way that consumers are able to identify with.

Cost effective

Choosing to go with animated video compared to a live action video can save your company time and money. Depending on the purpose of your video you may only need a minute of video content, which is relatively simple and easy for a video animator. If you were to hire a company to shoot a live action video you would be spending a whole lot more for a crew, equipment and production then you would for someone to produce an animated video.

Animated videos can also be edited quickly in case you need to respond to product changes or variations and you won’t have to pay for costly re-shoots. Animated videos can be modified and re colored without a complex production process saving you money.


Simplify Complex Concepts
Sometimes it can be hard for companies to show or explain complex products or services especially if they’re trying to portray something that doesn’t exist yet. Animated video can be a perfect solution to this problem, with animated video you can explain something faster than a presentation or text format could. It’s also easy to draw an idea or product that doesn’t exist and make it come too life, then it would be to explain it with words in a live video format.

One popular animated video format that is used to explain complex ideas is whiteboard videos.  The way a whiteboard video works is just as it sounds; it is someone drawing an image on a screen. However they’re something about this simple video that is compelling and really connects with the audience, which makes it a perfect format for explainer videos.


With animated video the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity.  Animated videos come in all shapes and sizes and can really be molded to whatever your company’s imagination can think of. Animated video can be precisely customized to fit your company’s needs. Often times in live video formats company’s try to convey so much information about every little detail that their main message gets skewed and lost, with an animated video though the main message comes off more smoothly because of the ability to customize and edit the video to fit exactly what the company imagines.


 Can make Educational Videos Fun

Animated videos are perfect for making concepts that may be boring and dry, fun.  It helps create and engage emotional connections with people by adding an element of entertainment. It has been proven that people learn better when they are presented with visuals and audio rather then just audio, animated video provides just that and helps the audience understand what you are offering them by showing them visuals and creating a story that engages the audience.

Animated videos seem tricky, but they’re easy implement for any business. If you need some help planning and creating them, however, make sure to reach out to us here at Blue Wave Marketing. We have over 20 years of marketing experience, along with plenty of expertise at planning and creating animated videos. With our help, you’ll be churning out incredible animated videos in no time!

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