How to Find the Best Boston Location for Your Company Video

Shooting a company marketing video takes a lot of work. You have to come up with a target audience, figure out a message, and write a great script. After that, you need to create a distribution strategy that makes sure your video is actually viewed.

Picking a great location can often get left to the last minute. The right location, however, can add a lot to a video. If you’re trying to tell a story and evoke a specific emotion, the wrong location can ruin your plans.

Here are four tips to making sure you find the best location possible for your marketing video:

Finish Your Script First

You shouldn’t start scouting locations until your script is locked down and set in stone. A script needs to be written about your brand, message, and target audience. If you start writing around a specific location, something could get lost in translation. Once your script is completed, try to find a location that matches the video’s tone and style. The more cohesive everything is, the clearer your video’s message will be heard.

Consider Your Equipment

A terrific location doesn’t mean very much if your equipment isn’t able to properly capture it. An outdoor location, for example, might have a lot of background noise – passing pedestrians, cars driving by, local wildlife or wind can all wreak havoc on your microphones. If you don’t have equipment that’s able to eliminate background noise or edit it out afterwards then you’ll end up having a hard time shooting something usable.

Along the same lines, you need to consider a location’s lighting situation. Certain video cameras will require more light to shoot a watchable video. If you aren’t sure whether the lightning or audio will work out, shoot a quick test scene to see if it works out. If not, you’ll need to keep scouting.


Company video

If your location doesn’t have enough light, why even bother filming?

Ask For Permission

Depending on where you’re planning to shoot, you’ll need permission from a local jurisdiction and the owner of the property. In Boston, this can usually be completed by contacting the Massachusetts Film Office.

Consult with your legal team and determine exactly what you’ll need. Even if you’re aren’t sure, it’s best to ask for permission first. Finding a new location before your start shooting is much easier than trying to find one on the fly after getting interrupted and shut down.

Look Internally First

If you’re shooting something simple, like a product demonstration or a company video then it doesn’t make sense to pick an extravagant location. Simply clear out your conference room or warehouse and get shooting. As your marketing videos start getting more complex, you can start getting a bit more creative with your locations and shooting all over Boston.


Company video

You don’t always need a remote, secluded location for your product demo!


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