Why In-House Video Marketing is Trickier Than it Sounds

Video marketing is one of the most effective tools available to business that want to boost their brand, improve sales, and solidify their content marketing.

Actually creating these videos, however, can be a bit tricky. Many business owners hesitate to outsource video marketing, but taking it in-house offers many unique challenges. Here are three reasons that in-house video marketing is trickier than it first appears:

It’s Not Always Cost-Effective

Taking activities in-house is usually a great way to save money. For video marketing, however, that isn’t always the case. Here’s a list of some of the expense you’ll incur by doing your own video marketing:

  • The upfront costs of expensive recording equipment that includes lighting, microphones, and recording devices.   
  • The choice of paying actors or pulling members of your team away from their job.
  • Props and set costs.

The more elaborate your video marketing plans are, the more expensive the videos will be. Unless you plan on going bare-bones, it often makes financial sense to outsource.


Video marketing

Sometimes going out-of-pocket is your most cost-effective option!

Creating Quality Videos is Hard

Making a top-notch video isn’t as easy as simply writing a killer script and filming your employees acting it out. There are a lot of little things that have to come together to make your video marketing work.

First, you need to consider the content. What purpose is your video serving? Does it complement your other marketing choices and your other videos? Does it connect with your audience?

Next, you have to consider the actual video production. Do you want to use close-up shots or wide, sweeping shots? What lighting is appropriate? Are your actors effectively conveying the message you’re trying to send?

Finally, you need to worry about editing the final product. If your video turns out choppy, the entire message will be lost. A poor editing job will ruin the best-planned video.

You Need Variety in Your Videos

It might be easy enough to create a simple product demo or company introduction video, but video marketing has a wide variety of uses. You’re going to want to create advertisements, animated videos, and testimonials, too. In order to create any video you want without skipping a beat, you’ll need an expert’s touch. Without them, you’ll be stuck scrambling every time you want to try something different.

You also need to consider how fresh your content will be if you keep it in-house. Sometimes you need an outside opinion to see new opportunities. Working together, you’ll be able to come up with great new strategies and concepts all the time, instead of racking your brains for a new video every couple of weeks. Collaboration makes the creative process go much smoother.


Video marketing

You need a diverse team with lots of ideas if you want your video marketing to really stay fresh!

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