What a Corporate Event Can Bring Your Company

Companies are always looking for ways that they can engage and promote their business to potential clients. One way to gain exposure while promoting your company’s services is hosting a corporate event. Many times corporate events are thought of as being exclusive to big business however this is not the case, even small business can host corporate events that can be successful. Corporate Events don’t have to have a 100 people at big fancy venue; you can have 20 people in attendance and still call the event a success at the end of the day.

Corporate events allow you step out of the box of typical client building strategies and allow you to network, engaImage result for corporate eventsge and promote your services to current and potential clients. So with that here are 3 benefits hosting a corporate event can bring your company:


Hosting a live event allows for you to put down your computers and phones and interacts with current clients and potential future ones in a face-to-face informal matter.  Following up with clients and leads can often times be hard because people are able to hid behind their offices in fear of being asked something that their not prepared to answer or give. When you hold a live event though and have your client or potential client in front of you your able to have a conversation that isn’t delayed by email or voicemail conversations.

Networking, networking and more networking, hosting live events are a perfect chance to network with existing clients while meeting and gathering new potential client leads for the future. Gathering new clients can often be difficult over phone and email solicitation, when you have new potential clients in front of you, you have chance to create an emotional relationship with someone and give your elevator pitch that will give you a better chance of them remembering you next time they have need for services you provide.

Chance to Meet You and Your Team

Hosting a corporate event also allows for your attendees to meet you and your staff and create that emotional connection with you. Your client may only know you by email; voice or maybe they only know one or a few of your staff members. When they come to your event though they are able to put faces to services and more importantly they are able to see your company as a group of people rather then one or a few people. This helps have more of connection to your company and helps build a relationship with the company as whole rather then an individual.

Any event that allows you to interact with your clients and potential new ones is a good event.

Chance to Showoff

Lastly hosting a corporate event allows you to showoff your company and its services in a fun, unique and relaxed environment. People are always looking for ways to get out of their day-to-day routines at work and inviting them to an event that will allow them to do this will defiantly win some brownie points. If the event has a fun and engaging atmosphere where attendees can see your product or learn how your services are provided they are going soak this in and it will be direct reflect of your company’s image and success.

A corporate event also makes your company image and brand look good by positioning yourself as an industry leader or innovator.

Here at Blue Wave Marketing, we have over 20 years of event production experience that have allowed us provide our clients with the proper communication, content, and consistency required to create extraordinary events. We work hard to make each event unforgettable.

If you believe Blue Wave Marketing is the right event production partner, we’d be happy to schedule a consultation with you. For more information, call us at 617-576-3100.

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