4 Signs Your Company Needs a Fractional CMO

Marketing is one of the most important business functions, but many small and mid-sized businesses just aren’t able to get it down. This skill gap is one of the reasons that many of them are starting to turn towards a Fractional CMO. You can view many other benefits of hiring a Fractional CMO by checking out our previous blog post here.

The key is to know whether or not a Fractional CMO makes sense for your business, and when it’s time to pull the trigger. Here are four important warning signs that should signal to you it’s time to consider going fractional:

You Don’t Have a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

Every business engages in some form of marketing, but you need to do it with a purpose. If your company is just throwing campaigns against the wall to see what sticks, you’re definitely not going to enjoy the success that you want.

A fractional CMO will help you put together a comprehensive marketing strategy that targets a clear, purposeful audience. Everything will integrate and complement each other perfectly, boosting awareness to brand-new levels.

You’re Running Out of Prospects

Most businesses know that they need to do outbound marketing: advertisements, mailers, and things like that. What you might be struggling with, however, is keeping your pipeline full of prospects with inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is vital because it filters new prospects through the top of your sales funnel constantly. It includes evergreen marketing tactics like content marketing and search engine optimization. If terms like blogging and meta tags scare you, then it’s definitely time to find somebody who can help.

Fractional CMO

If you’re quickly running out of prospects, you need a fractional CMO yesterday!

You Don’t Know How Your Marketing is Doing

You always need to know how effective your marketing efforts are, even is business is booming. It’s entirely possible that your revenue is being driven completely by referrals and your terrific product, and you’re missing incredible marketing opportunities.

A fractional CMO will help you figure out exactly what metrics are important for your business and how to track them. Once you start measuring effectively, you’ll be able to really start tweaking and improving your marketing.

Your Opinions Are Starting to be Frighteningly Similar

As people start to work together and get into a rhythm, it’s easy for them to get comfortable and start looking at things the same way. This is a dangerous trap for a business to fall into. A fractional CMO offers a fresh perspective, giving insight that might be impossible to see from within the organization.

In addition to that, they’ll be able to bring a whole new set of ideas, processes, and contacts, giving your business a whole new way to look at marketing.


Fractional CMO

A fractional CMO’s perspective will be the last piece of your marketing puzzle!

If any of these sound like your company, it’s time to at least consider a fractional CMO. And nobody can help your business as a fractional CMO better than us here at Blue Wave Marketing. We have a team of experts with experience in every marketing channel you can imagine.

Make sure to contact us  to see what we can do for you today.