3 Things That Should Be Included Your Company’s Recruiting Video

There are millions of companies in this world and while they all don’t offer the same product or service, they do all strive for one common goal and that is to be successful.  So how does a company become successful? While a good product or service or right market niche helps, before that, a company’s success starts with the employees.  Your product or service could be the greatest thing in the world but if you don’t have the right employees to sell your product or service or have employees that don’t believe or care about your company’s core values then your company won’t be able to reach its maximum potential.

 So how do you obtain the right employees in order for your company to become great? One way of doing this is by creating a compelling recruiting video. A recruiting video is a way for a company to attract high level candidates by not only telling them why they should work for your company but by showing them why they should want to be there. In today’s digital age, posting job openings in newspapers ads, magazine features and radio spots is less successful then let’s say posting a video to YouTube which has potential to be seen by 1 billion people a month. By creating a video, you are giving potential candidates who are looking for the next greatest company a chance to interview you before you interview them.

 Show Off Your Employees

 One thing that all recruiting videos should include is your amazing employees. Your employees are the heart and soul of your company. You want potential candidates to be able to see what kind of people they will be working with day in and day out. By including your employees in your video you are offering an instant human connection to that person before they even step foot in the door for an interview.

Most corporate recruiting videos usually include executives talking about why their company is so great, or why their industry is going through an exciting time. These kinds of scenes fail to give an accurate representation of the company’s employment brand. Recruiting videos however that showcase their employees and the working environment are able to show off small details about their company that makes them unique such as office decor, day to day activities that take place within the office or maybe a really energetic employee. All of these things create a “real” feeling for that potential candidate which can be much more attractive than having an executive talk about why he thinks the company is such a great place to work.

The most successful recruiting videos give off an authentic feeling by showcasing their employees and experiences that happen within the office. The point is to have potential candidates imagine themselves working for your company before they come in to interview, this will attract enthusiastic candidates that have an idea of what it will be like to work for your company

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Question and Answer with Employees 

 Similar to the point above, your recruiting video should come off as authentic as possible. To achieve this, interview employees that already work there and don’t give them a script or tell them what to say. You want to create a natural conversation, remember you want to give candidates an accurate representation of what your company is like.

Talk to the recruiters in your office and find out what the most common questions that are asked by interviewees. Then ask these questions to your employees in your video.  This gives first hand testimony of what it’s like to work for the company. This can help develop a sense of trust and personal connection with the company and potential candidates and help draw in potential recruits who are watching the video.

Define your companys purpose in a captivating way

 While showcasing your employees and the office environment are important in recruiting videos, you also want to get your company’s purpose, mission and values across to the potential candidates as well, after all they are working for the company and not the employee sitting next to them.

 Every company has values and visions in which they are founded on whether it be IBM’s “making the world a better place” or Apples “Think Different”. All companies have values for which they stand. It’s important to relay these values and visions for the company in your video to potential candidates. You want to make sure that that people’s values align with your own company’s values because in order for a company to be successful, the employees and the company have to be on the same page and be working towards a common goal.

 Values and goals are what inspire people to do great things and the same stands for a company. When a company’s values and goals align with their employees that is a recipe for a successful business.

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